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Case Study 7

Business has been growing rapidly. The CEO's short temper is  caused by frustration with his management team, who are working very hard but not getting enough done.

Case Study 6

The CEO/Partners have done their homework.  Their startup is not really a startup anymore as they have tested the waters, done their research, and have identified several customers who have bought their products and services.  The real test now is developing a plan that scales the business with high growth.  They need someone who will guide them through the details, put their thoughts into income statements, balance sheets and cashflow models.  We have helped raise millions of dollars for our clients in seed and debt financing using our trademarked templates call

Case Study 4

CEO wants to develop the next generation of management, but is concerned with how the process will work with issues of family or key managers affecting the decision. In some cases, the CEO wonders if his/her offspring are ready to take over, or is an outside manager a better fit until they are ready.

Case Study 2

CEO of family or privately held business is planning for retirement, but is concerned with how the business will be managed after he/she reduces time at the office.

Case Study 1

CEO of a growing company is nearing retirement.  The management team is not deep or ready to take over.  There are no family members active in the company, and there is talk of selling to an ESOP.  We assessed the organization with a SWOT analysis and long term financial forecasts to position the management team for the buy-out.  In addition, we assisted the organization with team building, process mapping, and value stream mapping systems.  Additionally, the owner began to develop a board of directors, using the advisory board process to eventually convert t

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