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Case Study 4

CEO wants to develop the next generation of management, but is concerned with how the process will work with issues of family or key managers affecting the decision. In some cases, the CEO wonders if his/her offspring are ready to take over, or is an outside manager a better fit until they are ready.

Case Study 2

CEO of family or privately held business is planning for retirement, but is concerned with how the business will be managed after he/she reduces time at the office.

High Performance Teams

General Business
by Jack Veale

The challenge of a growing company is to build an organization that is flexible, adaptable and results-oriented to anticipate and solve tomorrow's problems. Like our own bodies, an organization requires continual exercises in stretching, strengthening, and endurance. And like athletes, companies also require continual, not sporadic training, with a strong dose of discipline and coaching. A High Performance Team (HPT) culture is very similar to that of the athlete, as it requires discipline, coaching and continual training and education.

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