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Statistically, nearly half of the ESOPS will not survive the next 10 years due to many factors.  Our distinction within the ESOP community is our ability to integrate ownership culture initiatives, with succession, governance and improved shareholder value. During this same 10 years, about 20% of the workforce will be retiring, leaving huge gaps of institutional knowledge and leadership experience.  In the last 5 years, over 1,000 esops changed their CEO or CFO, causing challenges in leadership experience. Is your company at risk with these issues?

Our team of facilitators and advisors work with "progressive" ESOP’s, who desire to improve value through improved management performance and problem-solving abilities, thus increasing revenues and profits, and responding faster to change.  Our approach is to develop future leaders and managers using team building processes and action planning activities.  Our goal is to improve margins by improving the company's ability to respond to customer issues and correct problems faster and more effectively. We try to develop core competencies and team systems to improve communication, while improve a results orientation.  An ESOP ownership culture must be bedrocked on performance.

We believe the best ideas and lasting change are developed by the people who work in the system. Our teambuilding approach teaches people through a classroom method using our guidebook "Creating Strategic Innovation."  Teambuilding processes developed internally without classes, or instituted by force, don't always work or may not get "buy-in" from management.  We also use a two day retreat process that allows managers to identify the key issues holding the company back from improved shareholder value.

Here's how we work:   We assess the organization on either 119 or 270 issues, using our employee survey process.  The results of those surveys uncover conditions by management level and department levels impacting effectiveness and execution.  Every ESOP is different, therefore we customize our approach towards each company's needs and industry.  We then facilitate a two day management retreat with the key managers to identify top problems and develop action plans to increase shareholder value. If there are family or organizational conflicts or issues, we will address them separately from the company's issues using governance initiatives.  Our approach on the company issues usually require efforts with team building, succession planning, change management, and improving problem-solving abilities.

We provide advisory services to family owned/partial ESOP's as well as 100% owned ESOP’s on succession, growth strategy, mentoring the next generation, dealing with crisis or sudden death issues, and owners who desire to develop their people for improved shareholder values.  Our ability to serve multiple industries allows us to provide "out of the box" ideas to foster effective change and faster response to issues.

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