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SBA Alternative Financing

General Business
by Jack Veale

Is your business in a cash crunch? Have you been looking to borrow money for expansion, but been turned down by a bank because your credit history is nonexistent or less than exemplary? Many family businesses may need additional financing but have had prob-lems using conventional lenders, such as banks, because they donít meet the banks’ stringent financial standards or are undercapi-talized. If these problems sound familiar, consider one of the many programs offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as an alternative financing source.

Case Study 6

The CEO/Partners have done their homework.  Their startup is not really a startup anymore as they have tested the waters, done their research, and have identified several customers who have bought their products and services.  The real test now is developing a plan that scales the business with high growth.  They need someone who will guide them through the details, put their thoughts into income statements, balance sheets and cashflow models.  We have helped raise millions of dollars for our clients in seed and debt financing using our trademarked templates call

Case Study 5

Management team or partnership is trying to figure out the direction of the company.  There are so many opportunities, with limited cash, that determining the best approach is a challenge.  They started the business "in a garage" and have grown it well.  They know their customers, they know what they do well.  Working long hours needs to change as their families want more of their time.  They do not have a well written business plan, but they do know it in their head.  They are close to making money or are doing very well.  They want to know if the

Case Study 3

Inc Magazine 100 CEO wants to buy out minority shareholders, and attract additional long term and working capital financing.  We developed a serices of financial models to provide the business valuation expert to arrive at a value for the buy out, and to present those models to funding sources.  We closed the buyout and attracted over $1.5 million for the company.

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