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Management team or partnership is trying to figure out the direction of the company.  There are so many opportunities, with limited cash, that determining the best approach is a challenge.  They started the business "in a garage" and have grown it well.  They know their customers, they know what they do well.  Working long hours needs to change as their families want more of their time.  They do not have a well written business plan, but they do know it in their head.  They are close to making money or are doing very well.  They want to know if they should fund the growth with a VC or go to a bank and borrow.  Or should they grow gradually using the profits?   We have worked with technology companies to develop action plans and business plans that have resulted in sales growth without the family sacrifices.  In other industries, we have developed detailed business models for "what if" scenarios; providing insight to selected strategies and opportunities.

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