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ESOP Governance and their Ownership Culture

ESOP / Culture
by Jack Veale

Governance in the Dictionary means: “to Govern.”  The Dictionary term for Govern is: “to direct the actions and behaviors of others.”  With the stories of Enron and others relating to bad governance and Sarbanes Oxley impacting public companies, what should an ESOP company board do with potential liabilities involving the DOL?   My answer is: “if you have a functioning board including committees, composed of at least one independent director with deep experience in board governa

What We Do : Culture

Do you measure and benchmark your Culture?  If you are an ESOP, or family owned business,  measuring your culture and improving it is so important! Frequently, we are asked to help implement strategy initiatives. Our success is achieved by identifying an organization's cultural strengths and weaknesses in order to increase the capacity to produce, the ability to change or adapt, and to encourage innovation, risk taking and/or information sharing that improve performance.  We apply a life cycle assessment that identifies and benchmarks an organizations culture.

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