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Business Life Cycle

General Business
by Jack Veale

In 'Corporate Life Cycles,' by Ichak Adizes illustrated the growth cycle of a business. His illustrations related to the process all businesses must pass through and the issues that must be solved to attain profitability and sales growth.


Creating Strategic Innovation

by Jack Veale

Creating a Marketing Plan

General Business
by Jack Veale

Peter Drucker wrote in his book, The Practice of Management, that the purpose of a business is " Create Customers." He went on to state that said there are two ways to create customers: Marketing and innovation. Innovation comes from the ability to entrepreneur new ideas, develop something that fits a need and work out the kinks to make it effective. Marketing is more than the "5 P's" learned in Marketing 101, that is: Product, Price, Place, People and Promotion.


General Business
by Jack Veale

Many family and ESOP business CEOs find themselves looking at the next generation and saying, "they are not as hungry as I was their age," or "they don’t have the knowledge I had then (or have right now)," or, "they do not want to take any risks."  We also hear stories of CEOs who have grown their businesses as much as they can and are frustrated that all of their time is spent on maintaining, not growing the family firm profitably. Both of these scenarios relate directly to the company’s ability to develop and encourage entrepreneurs.

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