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The list below represents only a small sampling of the over 100 clients we have served since 1989.  Our purpose is to show that our work is lasting, even long after we are gone.

  • We are hired to develop a succession plan for a $165 million ESOP auto dealer.  We developed a plan to develop empowered teams to build process maps, develop leadership tracks, and identify the top issues to solve.  The purpose was to identify the next leader/president who will drive the company to new levels of growth, while sustaining profitability and employee retention.
  • A $25 million company whose bank refused to loan any more money to, is now a $40 million company with excellent profits and several locations, the owners/managers are still there. Initial Layoffs due to location closings has now resulted to over 7 acquisitions in last 7 years.
  • A $4 million company on the edge of bankruptcy with millions in losses is now an $8 million company with excellent profitability.  The owners/managers are still there. No Layoffs.
  • A $20 million company with flat sales and inconsistent profitability is now a $40 million company with profits consistently jumping to an overall growth of 350%.  The managers are still there.  No Layoffs.
  • A $80 million company had just shrunk from $100 million with lots of turnover and little profitability is now a $140 million company with improved profitability.  Owners/managers are still there. No layoffs.
  • A $14 million conglomerate of diverse businesses in a rural location is repositioned and divested at multiples of 100% over the initial valuations and offers.  No layoffs.
  • A $13 million manufacturer with no sales growth or new products has now developed 5 new products, have patents filed for 3 others, and is now expanding internationally and nationally.  Owners/Managers are still there. No layoffs.
  • A $2.5 million manufacturer loses its COO and its top people, who then begin to compete with company. We entered into the company and within 12 months, hired replacements for the company, shored up the banking relationships, and repositioned the company to survive with the competitive pressure and lost customers.  Company has regained sales and is now an INC Magazine Inner City 100 company.  Sales are now reaching $4 million.
  • A Fortune 50 company hires us to develop new markets resulting in sales from near $-0- to nearly $25 million in two years. Company was acquired.
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