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  • Before I hired PTCFO, we tried a family business consultant that cost us a lot of money and things did not get better. We started looking for help as my youngest son quit because he hated the “B/S” we were all creating and said he would never return to the business. PTCFO came in, did an assessment, and then began to teach us how to work together better. Our management team improved so much that we now have grown from a lumber dealer with a history of flat sales of $20 million to a very profitable building materials company with over $75 million in sales operating in two states. The real test was my youngest son returned to work for us as he found that the organization was much, much better than before he left.

    -Owner with three sons and a daughter in the business
  • When we hired PTCFO 6 years ago, our goal was to grow from $60 million to $178 million in sales. We were able to reach $150 million last year and invited them back to help us develop our management team to reach $1 billion and to help me develop my successor so I can retire smoothly. They brought in a team system that we now could not live without. They also helped us reduce our costs by developing a web-based costing study that identified areas of improvement using our team approach.

    -CEO of an ESOP company
  • My husband passed away years ago in his 70’s, leaving me with an estate in trust, and a company I now run with some of my children. I was not prepared for the fighting among my children after their father’s passing, and the loss of our family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fighting was over the profitability and direction of the company and how it should be managed. Some of my children didn’t work in the business, while others did. We hired PTCFO to do three things… 1) Fix the company, 2) Stop the kids from Fighting, and 3) restore the family gatherings we used to have. What was funny, Jack made a bet with me as he was told by several of my children that it would be impossible to succeed with that agreement. I now owe him that bet, as all the goals were reached.

    -Chairwoman of a now growing and profitable $12 million company who has now enjoyed several family gatherings.
  • The board hired PTCFO because the fighting among family members on the board and the management team were killing the company. I watched family members struggle with the CEO as they had ideas on how to grow the business, and he wouldn’t let go. As hard driving to grow the company as he was when he was young, the CEO was now driving us nuts with disruptions to the company and would not let us invest in future opportunities unless it was his idea. I watched PTCFO’s succession plan unfold so that the family members could work together better, the management team‘s fears and concerns were relieved as the CEO retired, that the fighting had stopped, and we are now growing again with a new CEO, and the family still owning it. It wasn’t easy or fun, but it got done. In fact, when I give a reference I always tell people that without PTCFO, our company would have died or been sold.

    -VP of Finance and non family member.
  • We hired PTCFO to groom my successor. Using their assessment and retreat approach, we were able to improve our sales and profits in ways I would have never conceived, and it helped develop my successor to improve the company with a management team. My successor is now in place, and I am now withdrawing from the day to day.

    -CEO of one of the largest family businesses in their region.
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