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West Hartford, CT

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As professionals, we strive to solve our client's challenges, as they ask us to improve sales and profitability with less conflict and problems.  We know our clients hire us to get results.  We attempt to build problem solving abilities as well as respect, trust, and teamwork. We want to continually improve ourselves and our methodologies in ways that benefit our clients.  They expect us to retain confidentiality of their proprietary information.

As consultants, we sometimes risk losing a client by our honest and ethical advice. We know our advice or observations may offend or not please everyone.  Our client is the business, our focus is to share information that will improve it.  We are hired to improve performance by facilitating change.  We believe management teams have the answers, we help enable their solutions to improve results.

As humans, we are sensitive and respectful of others feelings and personal differences. We are ever mindful to the harm "change" creates on people and their families.

As a managerial consulting partnership of multi-disciplined, experienced, and diverse professionals, we want to provide honest and ethical advice to increase our clients' sales, margins, and profitability. We are hired to create positive change and improve business performance

As a partnership, we enjoy the collaboration and teamwork that results from working together, rather than separately to fulfill our clients needs.

Our focus on improved, measurable results, while balancing organizational and family needs should result in less conflict, clearer purpose and direction, and higher levels of trust, communication, and organizational "buy-in."

Our solutions will be fairly priced, clearly and ethically developed, and presented with milestones and deadlines.

Our focus will balance short term and long term needs. We will continually seek simpler and more effective processes & assessments that achieve our clients goals/needs in areas of sales, margins, profits, continuous improvement, management development, and organizational culture.

When dealing with family members, we will encourage communication, trust, and systems to improve harmony and satisfaction, even in the midst of diverse opinions, experiences, and skills.  We will also respect the confidentiality of proprietary information.

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