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We facilitate organizational change using a safe and proven process to positively impact the business and family systems.  Our clients demand we use tested and successful approaches with a results orientation.  They expect us to live with deadlines and milestones.  Our goal is to quickly identify key issues while developing or improving communication and operational performance.  We accelerate Management and Family "buy-in."  Our engagements have clear and measureable goals and milestones to determine success and achievement.  Our clients have hired us to help them solve complex and emotional problems they have not been able to solve .  Unlike other consultants, we facilitate change by enabling people to express their ideas in a safe environment, and to encourage improved communciation and less conflict.

Succession Planning

Succession is critical for the sustainability of a business.  The vast majority of companies that fail, do so because of the lack of strategy in Succession.   While the focus is on CEO succession, we find most clients have key people in their 60's with no successors for them!  Depending on the situation, we provide guidance and process to build a safe and steady environment for both the CEO, the executive team and their successors.  Our goal is to have the runners in the relay race pass the baton without tripping or dropping the baton.


Our professionals are skilled to assist CEO's and their management team with experienced coaching and strategic advisory services to improve effectiveness and performance.  We will schedule weekly meetings at first, evolving down to bi-weekly, and monthly visits.  We review topics on time management, personal assessments, interpersonal issues, and strategic direction.  We also provide classroom training on problem-solving, leadership, change management, and team development using our book "Creating Strategic Innovation."


We work with boards in developing Succession or Strategic plans, board assessments, committee formations and charters, board development and role responsibilities for each stakeholder, such as shareholder, trustee, beneficiary, directors, officers and CEO/Chair.

Interim Management/Project Management

We can provide interim management, project management, part-time CFO/COO services and assessments that will attract outside funding and equity financing.  Our experience in developing operating plans, change management initiatives, culture  Initiatives, timely financial reporting, budgets, forecasts, and costing systems are just some of the expertise we provide.

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