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Do you have a new CEO, or about to select one soon?  Is your management team or partnership of a closely- held, family owned or ESOP company on the same page?  Does management need a deeper bench of leaders?  Is the company culture in need of a fix? When did you have your last management retreat to clarify company & personal goals, resolve conflicts, build relationships and improve buy-in and commmunication?  If you have not met offsite in 3 years, we  suggest your team  consider one of our programs to improve management performance and achieve significant growth in shareholder value. Retreats are a GREAT way to allow new leaders to interact with their teams and build spirit and commitment to new directions and opportunities.  They should not be "love fests" or "kumbaya" events.  They should be goals and action oriented.  Having an outside facilitator allows leadership to interact and own the content while the facilitators own the process.

We plan and facilitate in-house and off-site retreats and educational programs that increase team and management performance.  With Executive or Management retreats, we prefer off-site programs that help the group identify key issues, brainstorm solutions or action plans, and develop consensus for improvement initiatives.  With team training or problem solving sessions, we work hands-on with the group to improve problem solving abilities, as well as leadership skills and competencies.  Depending on the client's expectations and requirements, we have held retreats at resorts, sailboats, and remote locations.

Our facilitators are experienced in a variety of disciplines, and have the ability to create an interactive program with high levels of audience participation.  We benchmark the results of the sessions, and can make comparatives for subsequent sessions.

Our approach is to create a safe atmosphere that encourages thought and exchange of information. We believe information should be shared, not hoarded. Our facilitators will be well prepared for the retreat and will encourage participation from all members. Our facilitators are skilled to balance the participation, so no one person or group dominate the experience.

Our clients have given us "High Marks" for the results of their retreats.

What kind of retreats do we offer? We have provided board retreats on-site regarding the topic of strategy, board transitions, or director orientation / assessments. We have facilitated partner meetings on sailboats to help solve their long term challenges. We have facilitated sales team retreats to help identify key markets, and growth challenges with their marketplace facing a recession. We have facilitated executive retreats to help facilitate strategy formation and developing action plans for results.

Executive Insight Process™

The Executive Insight™process involves a 1-2 day retreat with the CEO and his/her key managers at an offsite location.  This process is usually an annual exercise to help benchmark strategic change and performance initiatives in conjunction with other strategic initiatives the CEO may have.

Executive Insight™ is a registered Trademark of Faust Management Corp.

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