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The questions below are intended for CEOs of privately held, family businesses.

  1. Are your vision and goals clearly defined to enable an orderly transition of ownership and management of your business?
  2. Is your successor identified, fully trained and participating in key decisions?
  3. Is your company structure aligned effectively to achieve your succession goals?
  4. Is your family's ownership and leadership involvement important to you?
  5. Do you have a contigency plan in the event you become unable to perform as the CEO?
  6. Does the business generate enough cashflow to help fund your retirement plans?
  7. Does your latest business valuation satisfy your needs?
  8. Are you spending more time worrying about your business, than you have in the past?
  9. Are you currently trying new ideas and changes from people outside your business in order to improve your organization's performance?

After you have read the above 9 questions, are you interested in learning more about how we may help you, at no cost to you?

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